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PSYCHOZ Collectible Card Game

PSYCHOZ CCG is a collectible card game with factions of law, pedestrians, and killers. It is a game that engages players with intriguing and horrifying facets of serial killers within the normal balance of society.

Psychoz provides digital and physical cards and other assets yet to be released. PSYCHOZ is designed to provide value-added collectible assets to holders while bringing players into the dark and horrifying world of serial killers.

Psychoz utilizes the latest in Web3 technologies to provide immutable validation of the ownership of collectibles to build upon the future of bringing engagement and value to the world of collectible card games and tangible assets.

PSYCHOZ has released limited edition cards and is now offering Collector Edition Packs, and in the future, we will be releasing Player Packs. As the project grows we will begin the development of an online game that integrates your NFT cards and assets.

Check with us on Discord and Twitter @PsychozCCG. Follow the team leads @Flawwed1Art and @HyperToddArt 

Roadmap – The Hitlist

Complete ☑

Project Banding and Communication Channels

  • Setup branding and all communication channels
    • Established and launched a new project name, branding, and initial website and then setup up all major communication channels.
  • Build a marketing and communications plan
    • Determine all marketing channels and content strategy, establish an editorial calendar and content creation process, and begin execution.
  • Gain 5,000 followers
    • Daily engagement, posting, and marketing to gain a total of 5,000 followers through Twitter, discord, and other channels. Once met, the next milestone of 10,000 followers will be set.

Complete ☑

Design and Develop the Game and the First Deck

  • Develop game mechanics and asset designs
    • Design of overall game mechanics, project structure, development plans, and design 2D and 3D card assets for 80 initial cards.

Complete ☑

Launch Initial Hatchet Series of Limited Editions Cards

  • Launch initial five Limited Editions cards
    • Launch the first 5 limited edition sets of select cards and offer them to the Cardano Community.
  • Plan and release ongoing Limited Edition cards
    • Develop all limited edition cards, metadata, and assets, and execute drops on a predetermined timeline.

Complete ☑

Launch Hatchet Collector Pack

  •  Partner with mint/tech provider
    • Assess various individuals and companies to determine a best-fit tech partnership to broaden the scope of project deliverables, minting, and overall engagement, conduct due diligence, and form an agreement.
  • First pack release
    • First Release packs of collector cards (7 cards) with limited releases and collectability, plus one additional variable NFT asset per pack drop.
  • Ongoing pack releases
    • Finish all pack assets for allvariations and schedule ongoing releases

Complete ☑

Deliver Hatchet Expansion packs

  • Deliver expansion limited edition and packs
    • Design cards, mechanics, and all art assets, then plan drops to the market.

Complete ☑

Build and Test Playable Game Prototype

  • Open gameplay with the Pschoz community
    • Determine the best testing platform, set up the prototype, begin to play testing with the community, receive feedback and make continuous improvements to gameplay.
  • Setup gameplay tutorials
    • Record quick tutorials for new players and deliver them through a simple learning management system on the website.
  • Open semi-public full games with community
    • Setup public access platform for ongoing gameplay

Complete ☑

Print Prototype Packs and Play Live Games

  • Assemble Playable Packs for Prototype Printing
    • Determine the best cards and decks for pre-fabrication of decks
  • Print packs
    • Determine an appropriate printing partner and print prototype decks
  • Play live games with other card players and card shop owners
    • Play demo games with players and demonstrate game to card shop owners for feedback and information.

Complete ☑

Establish an Ambassador Program (Wardens)

  • Determine key individuals/partners who are willing to represent the game in digital and physical game demos
  • Print and ship prototype decks to wardens along with Psychoz Schwag
  • Begin collecting data from Wardens representing the game at shops and conventions in their regions.

In Progress ◪

Set Up a Mini-Game with Leaderboards

  • Setup a simple minigame and leaderboards on the website
    • Design a minigame with immediate playable utility using owned cards through the website.

In Progress ◪

Launch Play Pack Mints

  • Player pack release and minting
    • Setup all player edition cards and packs and open the mint.

In Progress ◪

AirDrop Assets to Limited Edition Holders

  • Execute drops to Limited Edition holders of packs and assets.
    • Setup all packs and/or assets, structure a random airdrop mint to all Limited Edition card holders.

In Progress ◪

Publish Business Plan ("White Paper")

  • Publish the roadmap
    • Review the roadmap draft with community members for feedback, then publish it publicly on the website, discord, and social media.
  • Complete a fundamental business plan
    • Develop, and then review the business plan with community members for feedback.
  • Publish White (Red) Paper
    • Publish reviewed and improved business plan/white paper publicly through the website, discord, and social media.
  • US trademark registration
    • Register Psychoz trademark with relevant classes with the USPTO.
  • Register formal business entity
    • Determine the best US state for registration, partner with a registered agent, and register the business.
  • Set up shared or multisig wallets for project partners
    • Determine the best wallet and smart contract details, and setup with project partners.
  • Set up fiat bank accounts
    • Determine the best crypto-friendly banks and set up a formal business account.
  • Setup business accounting
    • Determine a CPA partner and internal accounting practices.
  • Distribute salary funds to partners
    • Based on met financial goals, distribute first funds to partners.

In Planning ◩

Develop First Ancillary Board Game

  • Design gameplay and game assets, build a playable prototype, and begin playtesting with the community

In Planning ◩

Deliver Full New Card Set #2

  • Deliver Limited Edition and card packs for a full new set
    • Design and develop a second card and pack set, create all art and assets, and drop to the market.

Pending ◻

Expand to First Additional Blockchain

  • Begin delivering cards through an additional blockchain
    • Research and determine the best fit for the expansion of card offerings to communities with one other blockchain.

Pending ◻

Online Multiplayer Video Game Development

  • Phase 1 Game Dev – Planning and experience design
    • Online multiplatform game development planning and UX design.
  • Phase 2 Game Dev – Game design, asset creation
    • Game UI design and all game asset creation.
  • Phase 3 Game Dev – Game production – early internal testing
    • Development of a functioning game with early internal testing.
  • Phase 4 Game Dev – initially closed testing
    • Deliver closed testing with game testers to find bugs and improve gameplay.
  • Phase 5 Game Dev – Alpha release
    • First semi-public launch with signed-up players and community members to improve gameplay and fix bugs.
  • Phase 6 Game Dev – Beta release
    • Public release of the game with NFT asset integration.

Pending ◻

Partner with Mental Health Non-Profit

  • Develop a charitable donation partnership
    • Determine a best-fit mental health partner to provide charitable donations, as well as engagement with the Psychoz community.

Pending ◻

Launch First Ancillary Product Line

  • Offer a new product set to the community
    • Determin brand, approach, and market, then design, develop, and drop the first set of ancillary game products

Pending ◻

Future Development

  • Set #3, 4, and beyond releases
  • Expand marketing efforts
  • Further expansion into other blockchains
  • Integration of the general gamer market outside of blockchains
  • Expand the video game for official public release
  • Certified physical packs for holders
  • Expand other digital and physical offerings
  • Build a card trading marketplace
  • Develop collaborative developments with other projects
@Flawwed1Art Psychoz

Flawwed 1 Art

PSYCHOZ is a game developed by Flawwed 1, a lifelong artist who has devoted most of his life to art and game development. He has experience working with small to large game companies and has assisted in the development of some of the most successful games on the market.

Flawwed 1 developed PSYCHOZ, a CCG (Collectable Card Game) initially offered as Cardano NFTs made up of Serial Killer Psychoz! A Detailed Project Map is coming soon and will lay out the timeline of all releases and development stages.

Connect with Flawwed 1 on Twitter.

HyperTodd Art


HyperTodd has nearly three decades of experience in creating art, media, interactive, games, film, and animation. He has collaborated closely with Flawwed 1 to find ways to elevate the PSYCHOZ experience.

HyperTodd will continue to work on the project as an integral lead in all aspects of the project, in order to deliver excellent experiences, while expanding the community of holders and players.

Connect with HyperTodd on Twitter.

HyperTodd Art

Wild Tangz (aka iOddestHumanDad)

Wild Tangz has a background in developing large-scale enterprise software and groundbreaking AI systems. he also has extensive experience in successful Cardano projects. He prefers hacking with Python and enjoys typing in Haskell.

Wild Tangz will support the project with the setup of minting, Web2/Web3 integration and generally creating safe and smooth experiences for the project community.

Visit Wild Tangz website

Policy IDs

PSYCHOZ NFTs include various types and have separate policy IDs for each type. The following are those Policies:

Limited Edition
Lowest quantity per card with "Special" rarity grade


Collector Edition
Low-quantity cards with various rarity grades


Collector Currency
Low-quantity currency cards with various rarity grades


Collector Accessory
Low-quantity game accessories that have an assigned total volume but have no rarity grade


Miscellaneous Assets
We will issue various non-card assets using this policy.


Collector Expansion 1 (Vigilante)
These are collector edition expansion cards that are of the Vigilante sub-faction.


Play Online

Play PSYCHOZ CCG online through our TableTopia prototype. Connect with others who may want to play through our Discord server.

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