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Ted Bundy SOLD OUT

The Ted Bundy Limited Edition card is sold out. Sorry if you missed this one, but there will be more in the future. You might also be able to find some at JPG.Store

Be sure to mint some Collector Packs.


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Limited Edition Releases

These cards are released one time in limited quantity. There will be no future releases of these exact cards.

Since releasing the first three cards (Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson, and Jeffery Dahmer), we have updated how we define rarity/rarity grades. The Limited Edition cards’ rarity is based on the number issued. A rarity grade of “Special” will be applied to them.

This update will be reflected in future mints and metadata, but cannot be changed in the metadata of the first three issued. The first three had a “rarity” tag in the metadata of Special, Uncommon, and Rare. We will be changing this tag to reflect Rarity: 1 of ##, and Rarity Grade: Special for future cards.

First Release

Jack the Ripper (Limited Edition)

Released 1/1/23
Total Quantity: 50
Status: Sold Out

Jack the Ripper (Limited Edition)

Release #2

Charles Manson (Limited Edition)

Released: 1/17/23
Total Quantity: 50
Status: Sold Out

Charles Manson (Limited Edition)

Release #3

Jeffery Dahmer (Limited Edition)

Released: 2/3/23
Total Quantity: 50
Status: Sold Out

Jeffery Dahmer (Limited Edition)

Release #4

John Wayne Gacy (Limited Edition)

Released: 2/21/23
Total Quantity: 50
Status: Sold Out

Release #5

Susan Atkins (Limited Edition)

Released: 2/29/23
Total Quantity: 50
Status: Sold Out

Release #6

Ted Bundy (Limited Edition)

Released: 8/3/23
Total Quantity: 50
Status: Sold Out


Rarity can be identified specifically by the total number of a card that is issued. For example, there was only 50 total of some of the first limited edition cards. As time goes on, the total volume of all cards will increase substantially. Therefore, 50 Jack the Ripper (Limited Edition) cards will be quite rare, compared to a common currency card that will have several thousand issued.

As this project grows, we plan to issue hundreds of thousands of cards. So by that time, if you own a limited edition - such as Jack the Ripper (Limited Edition) #39 of 50, that card will be very rare.


Rarity Grade

All cards are assigned a rarity grade, which quickly gives an indication of how many of this type of card will be issued, and the likelihood or probability that you will receive the grade of the card in a pack. The rarity grade is a baseline that determines the percentage of card types issued versus the total amount of cards issued in as set. However, it doesn't determine the actual rarity of the individual card. Following is are rarity values of Collector Edition cards:

Psychoz Rarity - Common


40% of the total cards issued

Killerz Rarity - Uncommon


38% of the total cards issued

Killerz Rarity - Epic


11% of the total cards issued.

Killerz Rarity - Rare


9% of the total cards issued

Killerz Rarity - UltraRare

Very Rare

1.6% of the total cards issued

Legendary Rarity Grade


.3% of the total cards issued

Special Rarity Grade

The special Rarity Grade is applied to special edition and limited edition cards. The total number of the specific card issued determines the rarity of these cards. 

Policy IDs

PSYCHOZ NFTs include various types and have separate policy IDs for each type. The following are those Policies:

Limited Edition
Lowest quantity per card with "Special" rarity grade


Collector Edition
Low-quantity cards with various rarity grades


Collector Currency
Low-quantity currency cards with various rarity grades


Collector Accessory
Low-quantity game accessories that have an assigned total volume but have no rarity grade


Miscellaneous Assets
We will issue various non-card assets using this policy.


Collector Expansion 1 (Vigilante)
These are collector edition expansion cards that are of the Vigilante sub-faction.


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