Psychoz CCG - Collector Edition Pack Cards

Collector Edition Pack Mint 

There are 348 left of 500 total Packs

Mint Price: 65 ADA per pack 1 Pack Per Transaction

Multiple Packs: If you would like to buy more than one pack, you may execute multiple transactions. Due to blockchain size limits, we are only able to mint 1 pack per transaction.

In the Pack: You will receive a total 8 NFTs (5 Collector Edition cards plus 3 Collector Edition Expansion Vigilante cards).

This is the second Psychoz pack mint. With each pack that you mint, you will receive:

    • 5 x Collector Edition 1 Cards
    • 3 x Collector Edition  Expansion 1 Vigilante Cards

There are a total of 500 packs available.

Mint a Pack Manually

If you prefer to not use the wallet connect,
Send EXACTLY 65 ADA (no more, no less) to:addr1v8crzwc3835agq3q0hp63yugzxtm2h5n9fj459ry5lz9l3q5cx56j

NFTs will be sent to your wallet address once payment is received and minting is completed. DON’T SEND FUNDS FROM AN EXCHANGE.

8 NFTs in Each Pack

You will receive 8 randomly-minted NFTs with each pack that include 5 Collector Edition Cards and 3 Collector Edition Expansion 1 Vigilante Cards.

The Collector Edition Cards are randomly minted from a total of 80 cards released with the Collector Edition #1 Set. The Expansion 1 Vigilante cards are randomly minted from a total of 15 cards released. Each card in the set has its own rarity and total volume.

PSYCHOZ - Vigilante Packs
PSYCHOZ - Vigilante Card Preview

First-Time Unique Assets

The Collector Edition Expansion 1 Vigilantes are inspired by PSYCHOZ community members, many of whom are Cardano Community influencers. 

There are 15 Vigilante characters, each with their own special abilities, traits, and rarity. Each character was designed based on the personas and traits of the people that they represent.

This is the first time these cards have been made available with this unique pack mint. Their rarities are Epic or better, so when all of these packs sell out, there will be limited quantities of each that may be released at a later date.

There is an equal distribution of each faction with 5 Killers, 5 Law, and 5 Pedestrians.

NFT Details

Each Collector Edition NFT includes a 2K still and a 3D animation of the asset.

PSYCHOZ CCG - Jeffrey Dahmer collector edition preview

One 2K still image of the card or asset

One 3D animated version of the card or asset.

Metadata and Rarity

Metadata Descriptions

Each Collector Edition NFT will have its own unique attributes and rarity. Following are the attributes associated with Cards

There will be several collections released over time, so this identifies which one the card belongs to.

Collector Edition Number:
Identifies the card number of the total volume (i.e. 1 of 75)

Card Number:
Number of the card in the series. For example, all Collector Edition 1 Jeffrey Dahmer cards are number 037.

Card Name:
The name/title printed on the card.

Identifies if it is a Character (Killer, Law, Pedestrian), Item, Scenario, or Ritual. Currency cards will have their own set of unique attributes.

Rarity Grade:
A grade given that determines the percentage of the total cards of its grade in an overall collection. This will also be used later in gameplay.

Release Type:
Identifies which Collector Edition, Limited Edition, or Player Edition from which it was released.
Play Cost:
The currency cost to play the card in-game.
Currency Type:
The type of currency used to pay for the card in-game.

The country where the character is from.

The number of attack points of a character.

The amount of defending points of a character.

Scenario stat used in-game.

Scenario stat used in-game.

Scenario stat used in-game.

Scenario stat used in-game.

Confirmed Kills:
The number of confirmed kills that are documented for killers.

Art Grade:
A rating (0 to 5) is given to the card artwork based on a few criteria including art techniques used and ratings given by Psychoz team judges.

Available Volume:
The total volume to be released of the specific card.

Mint Number:
The number of the card minted as it relates to the total volume – i.e. if the total volume is 100, the card could have a number from 1 to 100.

Policy IDs

PSYCHOZ NFTs include various types and have separate policy IDs for each type. The following are those Policies:

Limited Edition
Lowest quantity per card with "Special" rarity grade


Collector Edition
Low-quantity cards with various rarity grades


Collector Currency
Low-quantity currency cards with various rarity grades


Collector Accessory
Low-quantity game accessories that have an assigned total volume but have no rarity grade


Miscellaneous Assets
We will issue various non-card assets using this policy.


Collector Expansion 1 (Vigilante)
These are collector edition expansion cards that are of the Vigilante sub-faction.


Collector Edition

The first collection of the Psychoz card release is called Hatchet (HTCH). Within the Hatchet collection, there are several Limited Edition cards, Collector Edition cards, and Player Edition cards that will be released over time, each with its own rarity and varying minting cost.

There will be a total of 6 Collector Editions within the Hatchet set. Each Collector Edition will be labeled 1 through 6, and each of those has a total of  80 cards per edition.

There will be additional expansion packs, limited edition cards, and other accessories and assets released with the Hatchet collection. The number of those releases and additions may vary over time.

Video preview of the 80 Collector Edition 1 cards.

Card Types


PSYCHOZ CCG - Jeffrey Dahmer collector edition preview

There are 3 factions – Killers, Pedestrians, and Law. Each plays a unique role.


Psychoz CCG Card - Item Type Preview - Bloody Hammer

Items are used for in-game actions like attack and defense against opponents.


Psychoz CCG Card - Item Type Currency - Blood

Currency is generally used to pay for other cards in play.


Psychoz CCG Card - Scenario Type Preview - Drop a Dime

Scenarios are cards that instigate various outcomes in the game.


Psychoz CCG Card - Item Type Ritual - Sacrificed Life

Rituals are similar to Scenario cards in function, but often require a sacrifice.


Rarity can be identified specifically by the total number of a card that is issued. For example, there was only 50 total of some of the first limited edition cards. As time goes on, the total volume of all cards will increase substantially. Therefore, 50 Jack the Ripper (Limited Edition) cards will be quite rare, compared to a common currency card that will have several thousand issued.

As this project grows, we plan to issue hundreds of thousands of cards. So by that time, if you own a limited edition - such as Jack the Ripper (Limited Edition) #39 of 50, that card will be very rare.


Rarity Grade

All cards are assigned a rarity grade, which quickly gives an indication of how many of this type of card will be issued, and the likelihood or probability that you will receive the grade of the card in a pack. The rarity grade is a baseline that determines the percentage of card types issued versus the total amount of cards issued in as set. However, it doesn't determine the actual rarity of the individual card. Following is are rarity values of Collector Edition cards:

Psychoz Rarity - Common


40% of the total cards issued

Killerz Rarity - Uncommon


38% of the total cards issued

Killerz Rarity - Epic


11% of the total cards issued.

Killerz Rarity - Rare


9% of the total cards issued

Killerz Rarity - UltraRare

Very Rare

1.6% of the total cards issued

Legendary Rarity Grade


.3% of the total cards issued

Special Rarity Grade

The special Rarity Grade is applied to special edition and limited edition cards. The total number of the specific card issued determines the rarity of these cards. 

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